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Established 2010
in Sofia, Bulgaria.




J&T Services originated from the idea of an innovative approach on working with our clients, training and motivating our teams, and achieving the very best of outcomes. Providing quality outsourcing services to the market research industry, J&T Services is operational 24 hours, 7 days a week. The cost-effective, custom-tailored solutions we offer help our clients focus on their core competencies, while our team takes care of the rest.

At present, J&T Services' staff includes experienced Project Managers, Sales Assistants, Survey Programmers, Quality Assurance, Data processing and Customer Support specialists. The majority of our employees come from IT, Marketing or Statistical backgrounds, and it only a short training period is needed to turn them into advanced users of any MR platforms.


Our mission is to empower the companies we collaborate with to respond faster and more intuitively to the ever-changing market dynamics. We enable them to become more flexible and competitive by leveraging new technologies, which often translates into going beyond the boundaries of the software tools we use for day to day operations.

Understanding that our success is tied with the success of our clients, our priority is not only providing professional services and solutions, but becoming your long-term, trusted partner dedicated to meeting your needs today and support your growing business needs tomorrow.


Joana Nikolova,

Managing Partner

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Todor Petev,

Managing Partner

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Being in the industry for over 20 years, J&T management team has a significant depth of market research experience.

Our expertise in the market research is reflected in everything we do – from recruiting the right people, through the production processes we have put in place, down to the Quality Assurance Methodology we deploy.

J&T’s management team has proven its ability to successfully analyze the client's business requirements, identify deficiencies and potential opportunities. Process development and improvements, business development, operations and process re-engineering, start-up and turnaround operations are part of their core competencies.

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We can take care of your project, no matter how complex it may be.

Our programmers work closely with the project management teams to ensure smooth, timely and cost-efficient questionnaire programming, while preserving the quality and integrity of the survey data. We can program directly on your programming platform or we also have the ability to program and host your project ourselves. Our highly qualified team has a vast experience with surveys for Consumer, B2B and Healthcare industries. We hold programming experience on different survey platforms, such as: Confirmit, Decipher, QSurvey, Qualtrics, QuestBack EFS, Sawtooth.

We don’t just strive for quality, we deliver it.

Our Quality Assurance team conducts thorough review on all programmed surveys, including:

  • validating survey text against the questionnaire document
  • checking survey routing and logic
  • checking quota allocation
  • ensuring that all images and media appear correctly
  • cross check survey performance/ appearance on different web browsers
  • preparing custom test scenarios and plans for complex surveys

We constantly review and fine-tune our processes to achieve highest levels of accuracy and deliver error-free survey links to J&T clients.

Let the J&T Data Processing team do the heavy-lifting for you.

We have broad experience with different tools and software packages. Our DP team is primarily using SPSS, Quantum, IBM SPSS Survey Reporter Professional and MS Office suite to perform the following services:

  • Data cleaning
  • Data checks
  • Tabulations
  • Recoding of the survey data, to match client specific data map.
  • Coding of open ends
  • Charts and PPT reporting

Our team diligently processes your survey data, ensuring its accuracy as well as reliability of the output we deliver.

Secure the successful and smooth execution of your market research projects with dedicated Project Manager at J&T.

We can support your team with technical set-up, fieldwork management and all related administrative tasks that are required for flawless execution of your qualitative and quantitative projects.

  • 24/7 model of operations
  • Multi-language support
  • Cross industry experience

Streamline your sales cycle, by having a dedicated Sales Assistant with us.

We can support your Sales team throughout the pre/post sales process. Whether it is feasibility checks, partner/vendor communication, proposal generation or liaising with operations teams, we will ensure that all administrative tasks are performed in a proper and timely manner.

Keeping the customer satisfaction score high and the response rate low can be a challenging task.

Our approach is to understand your business goals and help you exceed them by providing consistent and exceptional level of support to your customers. A very short training period is required to turn your dedicated team at J&T into advanced users of any software platform.

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